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Letty Aldaba


Letty brings more than 20 years healthcare experience, ranging from beginning of life care to end of life care. The last 15 years of her career have been dedicated to elevating Hospice and Palliative Care programs. While embarking on a journey at USC Price School of Public Policy, she became passionate about advancing and creating initiatives for end-of-life care and population health management. She culminated her time at USC with an Executive Master’s in Health Administration.

Over the years Letty has been afforded opportunities to attend leadership programs. These have provided lifelong lessons on servant and purposeful leadership. As Administrator, she focuses on the development of her associates. Hospice services begin with the care provided by each hand that helps to sooth each patient’s needs.

“The greatest service one can provide to Hospice patients can only come from our trusted team. Compassionate care can only pass through the hands of our loving associates.”

Pedram Shirzad, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Shirzad has worked as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine for over a decade. He has dedicated his time to helping patients of all walks of life. When he was introduced to hospice 10+ years ago he found a renewed passion for helping to ensure each patient passes with dignity, comfort, and support.

He currently works as a Hospitalist at Northridge Medical Center. Every day he renews his commitment of helping others by serving patients in hospitals, hospice and in the community. He is passionate about educating, supporting, and leading the hospice team. He is a devoted father, husband, and servant of his community.

Adria Loertscher, RN

Director of Patient Care Services

Adria Loertscher MSN RN has spent the last 20 years advocating and supporting hospice services, while working in various nursing and leadership roles. She has been a shoulder-to-shoulder leader and has created a culture of integrity, transparency, and great work ethic everywhere she has graced. Adria has focused her career in developing palliative care programs, providing hospice consulting, educating on disease management, delivering end of life care, elevating case management and providing nursing education/training programs. She also has launched successful clinical programs, has directed EMR implementation, successfully navigated Joint Commission Certification, and works closely with leadership to develop strategic goals for elevating patient care. Her wealth of experience spans 20+ years.

Her primary goal is to help each patient and family navigate end of life with comfort, while honoring patient wishes. She understands that navigating the next stage of life can be difficult and she is ready lend her support to our patients, families, associates and referral partners.


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